Tools for Zinsser Automated Platforms

Liquid Handling

The liquid handler is a cornerstone instrument for automated laboratories. The basic function is to dispense precise quantities of liquid samples, reagents, or solvents to from and to various labware.

Zinsser Analytic has experience with automated liquid handling dating back to 1984. Zinsser liquid handling platforms such as the Lissy, Lissy 2002, Moss, and Sophas are based on proven liquid handling platforms that are chosen for performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Performance. All Zinsser liquid handlers use high-performance dilutors and microsyringes, and meet current standards for precision and accuracy. (Typical precision <1%).

Reliability. Zinsser liquid handlers are built on proven, reliable XYZ robotic platforms for the most robust continual operations.

Flexibility. Zinsser liquid handling platforms offer the greatest flexibility for the selection of features and options. Each system can be configured to best suit the needs of each laboratory, and the modular design allows for reconfiguration in the field if necessary.

  • 4 or 8 dispensing probes.
  • Probes have independent variable spacing and independent Y axes to allow maximum flexibility for plate to plate or tube to plate pipetting operations.
  • Fixed tips or disposable tips.
  • Robot arm for mobbing plates, tube racks, and tools.
  • Multiple deck sizes from small to large to best fit each situation.
  • Flexible deck configuration allows placement of wash stations, reactors, stirrers, vortexers, heaters, chillers, and more.

Stainless steel fixed pipetting tips for liquid handling. Variable span allows access to any kind of labware:


Disposable pipette tips for liquid handling where zero carryover is required:



Programmable 6-way valve allows switching to 6 different solvents. Any solvent can be sent to any probe for solvent delivery to labware:


Plate Tilt Lifter for retrieving maximum amount of sample from a plate with minimum loss. Useful for CACO2 applications; allows pipetting from plate without touching cell layer on the bottom:

Plate Tilt


4-channel peristaltic pump for bulk liquid delivery :



With Zinsser it is even possible to pipette very viscous liquids in the viscosity range of 2000-10000 cps, for example PEG solutions, glycerol, honey, oil, etc. The transfer is controlled gravimetrically with drip control using disposable syringes and a special positive displacement pipetting tool. High precision (<1ml ± 1%; 300 µl ± 2%) for liquid reagent ≥ 8,000 cps. It is also possible to configure the liquid reservoirs in heated racks and even to use heated probes to facilitate working with very viscous liquids.

For details on viscous liquid handling using lubricant oil as an example, The Blending Station.

Viscous Liquid


Zinsser automated liquid handling platforms are unique on the market because of the selection of high-performance tools that can be installed on the deck. The ability to select from this list of tools allows the user to configure a system that will fully automate the required application, whether it requires liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, heating, cooling, vortexing, pressurization, vacuum, or almost anything that can be imagined.