Tools for Zinsser Automated Platforms


When performing automated liquid handling methods, a common requirement is to perform a complete evaporation of liquids. This may be required for long term storage or in preparation for the next step in a process where more liquid processing, weighing, capping, or other process will occur. Zinsser offers a variety of tools that will perform the evaporation automatically on the liquid handler deck, eliminating the need to use external devices or to interrupt a method.

Shown below is a drydown tool had that connects 96 disposable pipette tips to an air or nitrogen stream for evaporating vials or plates in the 96 microplate footprint. The drydown tool can be moved by the robot gripper to place it over the samples, and then parked to the side while it is not being used.


A similar drydown tool is shown below placed over a rack of 12 tubes. This version uses stainless steel probes to dispense the air or nitrogen stream. Dry down manifolds can be made for a variety of labware layouts to accommodate virtually any requirement.


Zinsser automated liquid handling platforms are unique on the market because of the selection of high-performance tools that can be installed on the deck. The ability to select from this list of tools allows the user to configure a system that will fully automate the required application, whether it requires liquid handling, powder handling, weighing, heating, cooling, vortexing, pressurization, vacuum, or almost anything that can be imagined.