Glass Microsyringes for GC Autosamplers and Systems

Manual Injectors

Syringe Manual For GC manual injection, select the appropriate Series N (non gas tight) or series H (gas tight) syringe:

Series N Manual Syringes

Series H Manual Syringes

Syringes for GC Autosamplers

Select based upon the type of autosampler you are using. These syringes are manufactured with the proper bottom fitting and plunger adaptor to properly fit in the selected brand and model.

For most GC autosamplers the best performance is available from the A-Series™ syringes developed exclusively by ILS. These new gastight GC autosampler syringes have additional design features that are provided to deal with the special strenuous conditions that a syringe undergoes in the automated environment. Autosampler syringes are subject to multiple cycles for each sample injection and are often operated 24 hours per day, resulting in tens of thousands of cycles within a few months of operation. Also the buffer and sample solutions that are used can cause damage to the plunger and glass barrel. The syringe must be able to withstand those conditions to provide reasonable lifetimes and to prevent premature failures and subsequent loss of critical samples.

A-Series Syringe

The straight piston guide at the top of the syringe helps to prevent misalignment of the plunger from the vertical, which can cause side loading and reduced life of the seal. This design also provides an automatic cleaning mechanism for the plunger as it cycles. Leftover residue within the glass barrel is a major cause of shortened lifetimes and this feature will reduce that effect.

This new syringe design has been tested on high-throughput GC systems and is shown to increase syringe lifetime by at least two-fold.

GC Agilent Agilent Syringes for Agilent autosamplers 7670 7671 7672 7673 7683
GC CTC CTC / LEAP Syringes for CTC PAL (LEAP, HTA, etc)
GC HTA HTA Syringes for HTA HT200H autosampler
GC PE PerkinElmer Syringes for PerkinElmer AS 100/AS 2000, AS 3000, Clarus 500/Clarus 600
GC_Shimadzu Shimadzu Syringes for Shimadzu AOC 14/17/20
GC_Thermo Thermo Syringes for Erba/Fisons/Thermo HS 500 (Headspace)


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