Plastic Vials for Liquid Scintillation - Manufactured by Zinsser Analytic

Zinsser Analytic has offered Polyvials® for over 30 years. These vials are of consistently high quality and provide extremely good seals with the self-sealing screw caps. The original application was for the 20 ml vials for liquid scintillation cocktails. The design of the bottle threads and the cap was created to solve the issue of "leaking liquids", a common problem with many vials especially when they are shipped under stressful conditions such as within air cargo holds where large temperature fluctuations cause expansion and shrinking that results in leaking. The Zinsser vials will always provide a tight and leak-proof seal even under these conditions.

Polyvials V - Natural HDPE (high density polyethylene)

For liquid scintillation, the standard vials are the 20 ml Polyvials V shown below, part number 3071400. Be sure to select your caps separately (so you have the choice of color you want). The package that included both vials and caps together as one part number is no longer available.

Part Number Volume Cap Thread Dims D x H (mm) Pack Size
3071400 20 ml 22 mm 27 x 60 1000


Self Sealing Caps for Polyvials - PP (polypropylene)

These caps are specially-made for Zinsser Polyvials V. They are designed with a sealing cone that provides an excellent gas-tight seal without a liner.

Part Number Cap Thread Color Pack Size
3000011 22 mm White 1000
3000021 22 mm Red 1000
3000031 22 mm Blue 1000
3000041 22 mm Green 1000
3000051 22 mm Yellow 1000
3000061 22 mm Black 1000
3000071 22 mm Lilac 1000
3000072 22 mm Orange 1000
3000073 22 mm Brown 1000
3000074 22 mm Gray 1000


Mini Liquid Scintillation Counting Vials

Minis® 2000 Series are miniature counting vials made from polyethylene with a special sealing system, for liquid scintillation counting. Caps for Minis® have inner and outer seals. They are easy to fit - simply push on and turn slightly to give an excellent seal. Just a small turn and pull will open the cap. There are two types:

MINIS® 2001 for Minivial Counters
These vials meet the IEC-Standard for miniature vial counters. The cap is flush sided and ribbed for easy handling.

MINIS® 2002 for Normal LSC Counters
Minis® 2002 with flanged cap designed to hang in a 20ml vial which can be used with all commercial scintillation counters. The best results are obtained using Polyvials® (Cat. no. 3071401) or glass vials (Cat. no. 986532).

MINIS®1000 are 4ml counting vials made from transparent polypropylene. They have specially designed flush sided caps which ensure optimum sealing. They are designed especially for BECKMAN-Gamma Counters, but are also ideal for many sample collection applications. These vials are not suitable for liquid scintillation counting due the vial dimensions and the polypropylene material, and are designed for sealing aqueous solutions rather than organic.

MINIS® M are a special “Push-On” Minivial, exclusively designed in cooperation with WALLAC for their new MICROBETA Scintillation counter. 



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Description Part Number Volume Cap Dims D x H (mm) Pack Size
MINIS®2001 PE with caps 3020001 5.5 ml Flush 16 x 57 (without cap) 2500
MINIS®2002 PE with caps 3020002 5.5 ml Flanged 16 x 57 (without cap) 2500
MINIS®1000 PP with caps 3010000 4 ml Flush 13 x 57 (without cap) 3000
MINIS®M with caps 3011000 3 ml Push-on 15 x 40 (without cap) 3000