Quality Control of ground tobacco

The platform deck can be configured in different widths to accommodate the required amount of labware for the desired throughput. This system is configured with a REDI tool for solid handling, an integrated balance on the deck to weigh in the transferred powder (ground tobacco), liquid handling probes for solvent addition, a vortexer for mixing, and a solid phase extraction (SPE) tool for filtering the samples.

tobacco transfer

Step 1. Weighing in tobacco.The ground tobacco samples are transferred from their source containers to the destination tubes. The REDI powder dispensing tool is calibrated for the physical characteristics of the ground tobacco sample, allowing it to dispense a repeatable amount close to the desired target weight. The solids dispensing is done while the destination tube is located directly on the integrated balance, allowing the exact weight of the dispensed tobacco to be recorded.

tobacco add solvent

Step 2. Addition of solvent. The tubes with weighed ground tobacco are moved by the robot gripper to their rack on the deck. The liquid handling probes then deliver solvent into each vial. The system uses the recorded weight for each sample to determine the exact amount of liquid to add to achieve the desired end concentration.

tobacco vortex

Step 3. Vortexing. A heavy-duty vortexer is used for a preprogrammed time to mix together the weighed ground tobacco and the solvent.

tobacco solution transfer

Step 4. Transfer to filter disks. After vortexing is complete, the liquid handling probes are used to transfer each sample into a filter disk cartridge that is set up in its own rack on the deck.

tobacco filtration

Step 5. Filtering samples. The robot gripper places a sealing spot on top of each filter cartridge and applies positive pressure. This pushes the sample through the filter disc into the final sample vial, where it will be ready for analysis.

The combination of a reliable and high-speed robotic sample process and a selection from Zinsser's many unique tools will offer you the opportunity to automate your sample preparation processes for the best benefit of speed, labor-savings, efficiency and accuracy. Please CONTACT US for more information or to configure a system for your own needs.