Automated Processing of Storage Tubes

The Zinsser Lissy is configured for the handling of storage tubes, such as available from Matrix (Thermo), Micronic, and others. These storage tubes are in SBS-footprint racks of 96 tubes and are commonly used for storing pharmaceutical compound library samples. Each tube is marked with a unique 2D bar code on the bottom.

There are various tasks that need to be performed on these racks of storage tubes, including:

The Lissy offers advantages over smaller platforms that are idealized primarily for sorting the storage tubes. Since the Lissy has 8 liquid handling channels, any desired liquid operations are more flexible and faster. The Lissy can also be configured with an integrated 96-position 2D bar code scanner that will read all 96 vials in a rack far more quickly than a single-tube scanner. The robot gripper can pick individual tubes and move them to the integrated balance or place them in other racks, or it can also move an entire rack over to the bar code scanner.

An additional bar code scanner mounted on the side of the Lissy can also read a label that is on the side of a rack.

storage tube rack read storage tube rack read storage tube read
Rack of 96 storage tubes being placed on 96 2D bar code scanner by Lissy gripper. Rack of 96 storage tubes external bar code ID being read. Individual storage tube being placed in weighing cell by Lissy gripper.

The Lissy storage tube automation platform can provide full automation for the processes that compound management and assay labs need to perform. This includes the ability to link the instrument to user data for input and/or output. For example, an input file can be read that specifies the required dilution volume for each vial to bring it to the desired concentration. Also, an output file can be generated, formatted to your desired specifications, with all of the final bar code and sample data.

A small platform such as shown here can handle 15 racks of storage tubes. Larger-width platforms are available for even more capacity.

If desired, processing of storage tubes can be developed further with some of the any capabilities from Zinsser's many processing tools. Possibilities are vortexing of the tube racks (shown in the video below), adding nitrogen or argon layers to the tubes after liquid addition, and integration with automated capper/decappers.