Automated Liquid Handling Platforms for Sample Prep of Oils for ICP Analysis

ICP is a common technique used to analyze lubricants for uniformity or for QC analysis and degradation studies of samples from the field. The Zinsser Lissy provides ideal tools to simplify the sample preparation process for ICP analysis.

A few processes are standard for almost any chromatography sample preparation.


Transfer sample from field container to sample tube

The liquid handler is used to transfer the lubrication samples from the original container directly to the ICP tubes. If desired, this step can be performed gravimetrically on an integrated balance on the deck, providing an accurage record of the amount transfered.

Fixed tip probes can be used and washed between if sample, or if desired, disposable tips can be used to completely eliminate washing and carryover.

Viscosity Tool

Even transfer very viscous oils

The Zinsser VISC tool can be installed if the samples are very viscous and cannot be handled by a syringe-driven pipetting mechanism. The viscous samples can also be gravimetrically measured as they are dispensed.


Add kerosene diluent

Typically kerosene is added to dilute the samples. A separate set of probes dedicated to dispensing kerosene directly from its container is used. Since the kerosene dispensing probes never touch the sample they never need to be washed. This greatly reduces the amount of expensive kerosene that is required for washing on other systems.

The system will automatically calculate the required dilution volume based on the recorded weight of the sample in order to acheive a target concentration.



Zinsser high-efficiency vortexers are used to mix the samples and diluent. If desired, heat can be applied as well.

The combination of a reliable and high-speed robotic sample process and a selection from Zinsser's many unique tools will offer you the opportunity to automate your sample preparation processes for the best benefit of speed, labor-savings, efficiency and accuracy. Please CONTACT US for more information or to configure a system for your own needs.