The accurate dispensing of powders is an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. REDI (Resin Dispenser), an X, Y, Z dispensing system with a powder pipette, helps to automate sample preparation in analytical applications, in material research and also in modern combinatorial chemistry. The pipette picks up a pre-determined volume of material automatically and distributes the solid compounds quickly and precisely. The system dispenses granular and powder materials such as seeds, salts or other crystalline or even electrostatically charged material from 1µl to 300µl (e.g.1µl = 0.3mg of Aerosil).

The REDI system for powder handling allows you to use the source containers of your choice to store the powders. It is not necessary to reload the powders from your source containers into proprietary and expensive custom containers such as other systems use.

For more details about powder handling using the Zinsser REDI technology, please visit our Powder Handling Web Page.

REDI Plus can be equipped with various tips:

Weight reproducibility depends upon the particle size distribution within the sample. Powders with narrow particle size show precise distribution, with excellent reproducibilities. Test results with different powders have given reproducibilities of ±5% for 1mg, ±3% for 10mg, ±1% for 50mg,and ±1% for150mg.

The fixed volume powder tips can be quickly exchanged. They are available in a range of sizes in polished stainless steel matched to customer requirements to give particular target weight deliveries. For higher throughput REDI 2002 plus can be supplied with up to 8 powder pipettes. REDI can be equipped with multiple powder reservoirs for selective powder distribution. REDI 2002 plus can distribute single or multiple powders without cross contamination in a single run. Instructions for selective distribution can be downloaded from external databases or simply by an Excel®-sheet. Cross contamination is avoided by intensive cleaning or by using multiple tips.

An example of a typical workflow would be: reading the barcode of the destination container, taring the destination container. opening & taring the source vial; dispensing the powder; weighing the vial to get the added powder weight; and recap source vial. The system can also confirm whether powder has been picked as expected and will flag the sample or pause the system if there was a problem with the powder pickup.

Liquid & Powder Handling: Equipped with our independent spacing probes the system can simultaneously distribute liquid and solid compounds. The required amount of liquid can be downloaded from a file or calculated by our software. Since liquid can be pipetted much more finely than powders can be moved, this allows a different volume of liquid to be pipetted to each powder location based on the actual weight of the powder that was transferred. This easily allows transfered powders to be dissolved to a target concentration such as 100 mM or 1 mg/ml. Each tip of the REDI system can be fitted with a different probe. The software individually controls them. For optimum liquid handling results Zinsser Analytic has designed a large variety of probes: You can choose from single channel, coaxial dual channel, tri-axial triple channel probes of chemically resistant stainless steel, electro polished, PTFE or glass coated, for standard liquid handling, special probes for filtration, spotting, spraying, piercing and inert gas exchange. To avoid cross contamination disposable tips are available for delicate applications.

Designed for Customization: REDI Plus is available in 3 different lengths: 1000, 1500 and 2000mm. Besides a wide range of racks and carriers that are available as standard, the workbench can take your own racks. You can specify with your order the types of racks you want to use or have special racks designed for your application. To meet individual requirements REDI 2002 plus can be equipped with vortexers, sonicators, hotplates, cooling plates, stirrers, reactor blocks, capper and decapper for vials, barcode camera, balance, filtration modules or other modules from our extensive range of tools. Interchangeable complete workbenches are available for dedicated multi-user applications.