Automated Sample Handling for Radioactive Materials

Manual radioactive labeling is a very unpopular job, so let the machine handle the radioactive material for you. The samples are prepared in a timely manner so the labeled samples arrive just in time for further research. Shown below are some examples of platforms that handle hot material. There are many other possibilities, if you have an application with radioactive material that you would like to automate, please Contact Us to build a configuration.

Hands-free Labeling with F-18

The system handles solid and solution phase reactions. The entire reactions are carried out under nitrogen or helium using dual channel probes for simultaneous dispensing of reagent and gas. The REDI powder tool fills all solid compounds into the reactors. For fast heating and cooling the system is equipped with a temperature-controlled magnetic stirrer providing efficient mixing and a microwave. An integrated microwave can also be used for pressure reactions. Purification, liquid/liquid-and solid phase extraction are performed on the workbench.

Radioactive Liquid Handling

For the reaction, 5ml V-Bottom Vials are used with a conical bottom, providing total downward drainage and maximum retrieval of the samples by syringe or pipette. To avoid evaporation and to work in a closed environment the reactor vials are closed with a screw cap and are only opened when necessary automatically by our integrated capper and decapper.

The entire labeling is a controlled by WinLissy software and documented in an integrated database.

Automation of Bolton-Hunter I-125 Sample Preparation

This Zinsser platform automations the I-125 labeling of proteins and antibodies. It includes a BD 20 Ga needle rack for probe pick-up to pierce the iodine bottle septum.

Radioactive Liquid Handling

The system also includes disposable pipette tips for other liquid handling tasks and a shaker to mix the samples after the reagent is added.