Parallel Protein Screening

The 8x Sepmatix system for protein screening is designed to preserve the biologically active structure of peptides and proteins during the separation process. The system consists of three modules: an 8x FlowControl, an 8x Autosampler and an 8x Diode Array Detector. The system’s autosampler has three positions for 96 shallow well microtiter plates, which can be cooled to as low as 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. The sample is injected simultaneously into the eight separation columns.

If required, the 8x Sepmatix system can be fitted with a Column Oven designed to cool down or heat up eight columns independently from each other within a range of between 5 and 70 degrees Celsius.

Internal or external barcode readers are available for recording microtiter plates with barcode labels.

For preparative applications, Sepiatec offers an 8x Fraction Collector. This compact system combines eight independent Fraction- Collectors in one. For each of the eight channels in the 8x Sepmatix system, there is one Fraction Collector available. This can be loaded with up to 12 standard or deep-well microtiter plates. The 8x Fraction Collector can therefore be loaded with up to 96 microtiter plates.