ProCrys Meso

Automated Protein Crystallization of Membrane Proteins


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ProCrys Meso

Dealing with membrane proteins in lipidic mesophases is not an easy task. Until now the sample preparation has been a very tedious and time-consuming task.

The new ProCrys Meso Plus for automatic preparation of in meso proteins exceeds any other system which has been introduced to the market until now. With high precision – up to 20µm – the system places extremely viscous lipid cubic phase (LCP) proteins onto the crystallization plates. Laser beams control the positioning of the dispensing positions 3-dimensionally.

A special surface sensor checks the surface of the crystallization plate and adjusts the vertical dispense distance of the pipetting tip in case of improper surface or incorrect leveling of the destination plate. 8 independently-spaced tips add the buffer solution (from 0.5 µl) exactly onto the center of the protein. Level detection of the probes and extensive washing avoids cross-contamination.

For constant and dust-free sample preparation conditions ProCrys Meso Plus comes in a humidity controlled industrial standard cabinet with front and side windows, which also allows robotic access to the plates.

Hardware and software are prepared for easy integration into robotic systems.

ProCrys Meso Deck Configuration
ProCyrs Meso


Syringe Alignment by Laser
Syringe Alignment

Video of ProCrys Meso. If your browser cannot play the video, you can also see it via this link to YouTube: Video