Automated Liquid Handling Platforms Configured for Plant or Seed Spraying for Pesticide/Herbicide Testing


Zinsser has installed a variety of platforms that help to automate various aspects of pesticide/herbicide testing. These platforms can be used to automate the spray liquids and even to perform the spraying operation if desired.

Automated Lissy solubilization platform for pesticide and herbicide preparation for use in spraying cabinets.

Spray Probes

Controlled Spraying with Lissy

Spray Pattern

Zinsser's patented spray probe dispense pattern (on the bottom) compared to a typical spray probe with ring effect (top)

LISSY - a unique, compact, high precision, robotic liquid handling system, has now been further developed for the effortless spraying of plants and seeds in R & D. For pesticide and herbicide testing on plants or seeds, LISSY is equipped with our proprietary spraying probes, which replicate a similar and consistent spraying pattern to that used in the field.

The extreme flexibility of LISSY is the key. LISSY can accommodate different plants of different heights and sizes. LISSY can not only just spray single plants with a set pesticide or herbicide volume, but can also track spray across rows of plants or seeds on the same deck by dispensing and spraying constantly whilst moving and adjusting spraying height without user intervention. LISSY can also automatically adjust the dispensing volume of the herbicide or pesticide under test by visualising and determining the shape and size of the plants to be sprayed. Special spraying adaptors avoid cross contamination between individual plants. Multiple pesticides or herbicide can be tested within one run.

For the optimisation and development of pesticides and herbicides, the same LISSY system can also be used when equipped with solid and viscous media handling for formulation development.

LISSY is available with up to 8 liquid handling channels which can accommodate 8 spraying probes for high throughput spraying, or a combination of probes (spraying probes, standard pipetting probes, powder handling probes, disposable tip adaptors) for a versatile formulation and spraying system. A workbench of 0.9m is standard, however workbench sizes of 1.2m (XL) and 2.0m (XXL) are also available for higher capacity.

This system can be used to prepare solutions for offline transfer to a spray cabinet, OR it can be plumbed directly to several spray cabinets online for even more automation.

Automated Lissy for spraying onto plants or seeds.

Plant Sprayer

The deck of this system is configured with specially-made containers that can be exchanged for different size seedlings or seeds. An integrated camera is used along with imaging software to take pictures of the individual plants before and after spraying.

Fixed tip probes can be used and washed between if sample, or if desired, disposable tips can be used to completely eliminate washing and carryover.

The combination of a reliable and high-speed robotic sample process and a selection from Zinsser's many unique tools will offer you the opportunity to automate your sample preparation processes for the best benefit of speed, labor-savings, efficiency and accuracy. Please CONTACT US for more information or to configure a system for your own needs.