LISSY- Automation Quality Control of Cosmetic Products

Automated liquid handling platform for testing materials such as shampoos, liquid soap , shower gels, toothpastes, creams and others.

Basic commercial products, sold in shops or supermarkets for hygiene such as shampoos , liquid soaps , shower gels , toothpastes , creams for hands or face , or more generally any other cosmetics, can show some amounts of ''questionable'' if not hazardous substances , as the parabens or others chemicals , mostly used as biocides, fungicides or preservatives. The control of the quality of these cosmetics is an important concern since the different substances cannot exceed some tolerated maximum percentages.

Once the raw samples have been manually weighed, the robotic process ensures :

  • an appropriate extraction of the substances of interest by highly-efficient vortexing on DESYRE Mix, after the appropriate solvents (6 ways valve H2O , MeOH, THF ) or solvents mixtures have been added according to the weight of product.
  • a filtration by positive pressure (3 channels manifold), using commercial supports (0.45 microns disks) and empty 3 ml cartridges.
  • some dilutions of the filtrates are done, if required .
  • and finally the filling of the chromatography vials (septum pierced), so ready for the HPLC autosamplers.

Key points: the fine art of dissolving difficult products…and taking the full benefits of the DESYRE Mix vortexer:

  • Once the few mg of tooth paste ( for i.e ) have been dropped in the 40 ml glass vial , the total amount of solvent ( 20 / 30 ml ) is dispensed in a in 2 or 3 steps, with strong vortexing in between.
  • 2 or 3 stainless steel beads , manually dropped before in the vial – and part of the tare, help , as a matter of fact , to ensure an efficient dissolution of the tooth paste.