FORMULAX- The Formulation System

Development platform for consumer products formulations research and development with specialized viscous liquid handling and mixing and gravimetric liquid and powder handling.

Originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry, Zinsser Analytic have developed an automatic workbench which enables you to execute a workflow to test formulation conditions in parallel. The reactor is based on the microplate format for 8 to 24 vials with different compounds or different testing parameters. Tools for pH-measurement and adjustment, precision dosage, weighing & mixing (even of highly viscous media) are provided. Optical control, evaporation, filtration, HPLC- /LC-MS integration can be provided enabling you to carry out your well proven formulation methods and solubility tests on a single platform.

Now with the new Overhead Stirring tool it is possible to automate the mixing of even very viscous liquids such as shampoos, lotions, soaps and so forth. This capability brings the realm of automated formulations research and development to the consumer products industry.

The Overhead Stirring tool is software-controlled and is mounted directly on the base of the robotic liquid handler. The stirring motor simultaneously spins 8 individual sitting rods that are lowered into the sample containers. The stirring rods can be interchanged, allowing a custom rod and blade design to be used for specific applications.

overhead stirring
  • Software-controlled reaction block with integrated active stirring
  • 80-300 rpm
  • 8 x 25 ml reactors
  • Liquid can be added or removed even while stirring through top access ports
  • Heated based plate and cooled top plate
  • Sealed lid prevents evaporation
overhead stirring

These pictures show the mixing of two different liquids (shampoo consistency), one white and one red. The mixing speed is 800 rpm and the elapsed time is 2 minutes. Complete mixing is achieved in a matter of a few minutes with the overhead stirring tool.

excel input

Spreadsheet Input of Experiment Design

The Zinsser Winlissy software can import a spreadsheet with the formulations experiment design and translate the entered parameters into the necessary commands to perform everything automatically on the instrument. This simplifies programming and allows offsite design of experiment.

Other data formats can also be imported, such as results from Design of Experiment software packages.