Automated Shaking for Formulations

formula x

The Zinsser FormulaX platform can perform automated high-throughput production of a matrix of pharmaceutical formulations. (for more information visit the FormulaX Web Page).

A common testing requirement for formulations (such as for protein drug compounds) is a shaking stress test. Now using clever technology from Zinsser this process can be fully automated in conjuction with other processes such as liquid and powder handling.

horizontal shaker

To accomplish the shaking, a mechanical shaker is integrated into the deck of the platform (see red arrow in the above picture). Rather than just using a typical horizontal shaker that would not provide enough vigorous shaking for a stress study, the sample vials will be moved 90 degrees and then shaken back and forth. This is accomplished as shown below.

stress shaking
  1. The shaker is shown integrated into the deck.
  2. After the vials have been prepared and capped, the robot gripper movers the racks onto the tray of the shaker.
  3. A pnuematic actuator clamps a locking mechanism onto the rack.
  4. The entire assembly is rotated 90 degrees so the vials are now oriented horizontally, and the vials are vigorously shaken back and forth.


The duration and the speed of the shaking are programmable. The system can be programmed to shake the racks of vials for a specified time, then the shaking can be stopped and individual vials removed for testing, with the shaking resuming afterward. This allows a time-course experiment to be set up to determine the effects of the stress shaking.

Stress shaking for formulations samples is one of the many new technologies that Zinsser can bring to your lab. Please Contact Us for more information.