CALLI - For Quality Control of Cosmetics

Automate the testing of difficult samples such as soaps, pastes, shampoos, etc.


Everyday cosmetic products such as shampoos, liquid soaps, shower gels, toothpaste, and hand or facial creams can contain questionable if not hazardous substances such as paraben or other chemicals used as biocides, fungicides or preservatives.

There are strong regulations for how much of these substances are allowed in a product. Hence quality control is a key issue. To free the technicians from tedious and repetitive manuals tasks, Zinsser Analytic developed CALLI QC, a robotic platform which automates the entire sample preparation for analysis (eg. HPLC, LC/MS, GC).

The raw samples (liquids, solids, pastes, creams or viscous media) are weighed in, dissolved, filtered by using standard commercially available cartridges, filter plates or filtration disks, diluted if necessary, and finally transferred to the chromatography vials or directly injected to an HPLC, LC/MS or GC system. Barcode control ensures full traceability of the samples.