Automated Protein Hydrolysis System (APH)

Protein Hydrolysis for Pet Food Amino Acid Composition Analysis

Automated Protein Hydrolysis System

The APH system is ideal for feed testing where incoming samples must be continually prepped for AAA. It increases efficiency and reproducibility and also frees laboratory technicians from performing the tedious tasks associated with hydrolysing large numbers of feed samples. The system automatically prepares the samples for hydrolysis in glass reaction vials, caps them, heats them, and then dilutes and filters the samples before transferring to HPLC sample vials.

Hands-Off Protein Hydrolysis and Sample Prep

Flow Chart


Four 24-position heated reaction blocks for total walkaway capacity of 96 samples. Each block can be set for acid or base hydrolysis. The APH system is programmed by submitting a simple spreadsheet with the desired parameters. It will completely process 96 samples with acid or base hydrolysis with unattended operation.

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