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Automated Capping/Decapping

Zinsser North America provides Sales & Support in North America for Zinsser Analytic GmbH , ILS GmbH, Sepiatec GmbH, Labomatic Instruments AG, and Sias AG. In combination with our partners Zinsser NA supplies a range of sophisticated systems and individual solutions for applications in biotechnology, modern drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and synthesis, as well as standard laboratory automation.

Our automated liquid handling platforms offer many features beyond standard liquid handling including powder handling, automated weighing, capping and decapping, viscous liquid pipetting, solid phase extraction, vortexing, and more. Our advanced liquid handling, HPLC and SFC systems are used for parallel chiral method development, natural product isolation, and gram scale preparation for both HPLC and SFC.

We also offer a variety of consumables, including high-precision glass microsyringes for all applications and a variety of plastic and glass vials and bottles.